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The Elko-Bis Systemy Odgromowe [Lightning Protection Systems] Company was established in 1998 in Wroclaw, Poland. The effective commercial policy, high manufacturing and service standards as well as the choice of the best staff made it possible for the company to grow dynamically and become, very quickly, a leader in the lightning arrester business in Poland. Presently, the ELKO-BIS lightning arrester equipment is distributed via the best wholesale houses and shops in Poland, and abroad as well, among others, in Russia and Ukraine. The ELKO-BIS lightning arrester security system protects many prestigious building facilities and thousands of dwelling house. Gallery of Accomplishments >>>

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We guarantee your safety!

The offer of ELKO-BIS constitutes the full lightning arrester equipment with accessories, enabling the choice of elements for each building facility: industrial, housing, historical and sacred, commercial and service, office, public utility, or sports facility.

The product range is split into product groups: clamping fixtures, terminals, connections, supports and earth electrodes, lightning arrester masts, products with a plastic terminal and accessories. Listed among the most popular products are: cross connections, concrete supports, a housing for control connections, free-standing lightning arrester masts, earth pins, lightning arrester wire, band iron as well as accessories and tools, e.g., technical petroleum jelly and a straightening machine.

We guarantee the top quality of our products and services, a rapid accomplishment of orders as well as technical consultancy and training courses. We are specialized in the supplies of non-typical solutions, we design or select the lightning arrester system elements to the design project. We are listening intently to the needs of our Customers since their satisfaction is our key objective.

An acknowledgment of the recognition of the ELKO-BIS quality are the certificates: Quality Management Certificate to ISO 9001:2008, Business Reliability Certificate, Safety Mark B s well as numerous awards of business industry fairs:

  • Grand Prix of the MAINTENANCES–CHURCHES Fair
  • 1st Award of the  International Fair of Electric Fittings and Electricity Systems ELECTRICITY
  • Award of the International Power IndustryFair ENERGETAB
  • Award of the International Power Industry Fair ENEX
  • Award of the International Show of Construction Material TARBUD
  • Award of the MTK International Katowice Fair- ELTARG

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