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We thank everyone who visited our booth at the Hannover Messe 2016

Dodano: 30.05.2016

Hannover Messe is a very significant event industry. It is the world’s largest trade fair for the automation industry, which this year for the first time we took part as an exhibitor. We brought from Hanover lot of positive impressions. There were companies interested in our products all over the world – we hosted at our booth citizens of nearly fifty countries! Conversation carried out during the fair give us confidence that our products match the market requirements and we can compete with companies worldwide.

With great interest met our high-quality earth electrodes and the high voltage cable of our production. In addition to the presentation of the products we promoted our country, highlighting their Polish origin.

We thank all who visited our stand and we hope that the Hannover Messe 2016 will bring us all long-term benefits!

hannover_zabudowa_fairs_elkobis_2016 hannover_messe_blitzschutzsystemen_aus_polen_LPS_ELKOBIS_2016

hannover_messe_company_from_poland_elkobis_2016 (1) Hannover_targi_hanower_elkobis_stoisko_2016 (8)

hannover_messe_polskie_firmy_w_hanowerze_elkobis_2016 (3) hannover_messe_company_from_poland_elkobis_2016 (4)

hannover_messe_elkobis_catalog_lightning_protection_manufacturer_2016 (1) hannover_messe_polskie_firmy_w_hanowerze_elkobis_2016 (1)

hannover_messe_polskie_firmy_w_hanowerze_elkobis_2016 (2) hannover_messe_company_from_poland_elkobis_2016 (3)

annover_messe_2016_prosciarka_ulotka_niemiecki hannover_messe__LPS_ELKOBIS

hannover_promocja_polski_elkobis_swojska_kielbaska_2016  hannover_uziomy_ekspozycja_elkobis_grounding_electrodes_2016

Hannover_targi_hanower_elkobis_stoisko_2016 (3) hannover_messe_polskie_firmy_w_hanowerze_elkobis_2016 (4)

Hannover_targi_hanower_elkobis_stoisko_2016 (4) Hannover_targi_hanower_elkobis_stoisko_2016 (5)


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